On the occasion of the awards granted by Castilla y León Económica magazine for the fifth year, Luisa Amoedo, director of mAbxience León, has been awarded as Best Export / Internationalization Director.

The jury of the 5th Castilla y León’s Best Director Awards is composed of José María Ribot García, General Manager of Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León; Joaquín da Silva, Deputy Director and North-West Regional Director of Bankinter; Juan Pedro Fernández, Marketing Director of Sothis; Eva Lamalfa, Communication Director at Gullón; Alejandro Llorente, administrator at Collosa; Ángel García, General Manager of Industrias Maxi; Miguel Ángel García, Vodafone Regional Director; Lorenzo Alonso, General Manager of Ibecon; Manuel Velázquez, Expense Reduction Analysts associate; Carlos Fraile, General Manager of Renault-Nissan Consulting; Luisa Alcalde, founding member of Castilla y León Económica and President of Castilla y León Dircom; Alberto Cagigas, Director of Castilla y León Económica.

The award ceremony, to which 283 candidatures have been presented throughout its five editions, will take place on May 31st at 19:15 in the Auditorium I of the Valladolid Fair.

To get the full list of awards, please visit http://www.castillayleoneconomica.es/noticia/el-vicepresidente-ejecutivo-de-sur-europa-de-benteler-gana-el-v-premio-al-mejor-directivo-de?platform=hootsuite