Agile and flexible CDMO services tailored to your requirements


Reliable and world-class biological contract development and manufacturing

We are a global CDMO, specializing in the development and manufacture of biologics. We work closely with you on every project to offer a personalized service, responding with agility to meet your exact manufacturing needs. We offer our 10+ years of experience in the development, manufacture and commercialization of biopharmaceutical medicines.

Our CDMO services are fully integrated and flexible: from formulation to fill & finish, small-scale or large quantities, R&D and commercial batches. In all our processes we apply high-quality, innovative technologies at our well-invested facilities to help accelerate programs and facilitate early market entry.

Single-Use Technology







We use large-scale, single-use bioreactor technology that allows efficient change over and minimizes potential cross contamination.

mAbxience expertise

Ready To Use (RTU) and Ready To Sterilize (RTS) vials and syringes eliminate cross contamination risks. There is also reduction of facilities’ environmental impact and less capital investment required.

Filling and packaging operations at our partners sites


Specialized in customized CDMO solutions for biopharmaceuticals and complex proteins

Our expertise is in the field of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing, combined with strong analytical capabilities. Our core competencies are applied to vaccines, immuno-oncology, enzyme replacement therapy and other biologics. We have a proven track record in delivery of high value, high profile biologic projects, from innovators to biosimilars.




Virus production
mRNA: messenger Ribonucleic Acid
AAV: Adeno-Associated Virus

Recombinant hormones

Robust production
Intact glycosylation
Mass fingerprint


High yield
In-depth analytics
Charge complexity


From research to commercial batches, we pay close attention to detail in every project

AstraZeneca COVID-19 Adenoviral vaccine manufacturing

We were AstraZeneca’s chosen manufacturing partner for COVID-19 vaccine in Latin America and EU. The contract was set up in only 3 months with optimal results, including transfer, certification, expansion and optimization.

  • Optimal manufacturing deliveries
  • Full validation of all processes and technology in record time
  • Expansion of capacity and process improvement
  • Continuous quality certifications
  • +200.000.000 doses delivered
Bevacizumab manufacturing

We have run uninterrupted manufacturing campaigns since 2019 of our biosimilar bevacizumab.

  • Manufacturing in Genhelix site, Spain
  • Manufactured over 400kgs of Bevacizumab only in 2022
  • Global launch with +900,000 vials supplied WW over a 12-month period
  • Product approved by FDA, EMA and PMDA