mAbxience, an experienced, specialized global biotechnology company, aims to leverage its capacity, expertise and proven track record in the optimization of biologic development & manufacturing programs for third parties. With a global mission to make biologic medicines accessible and affordable across the globe, mAbxience aims to focus its core expertise to accelerate and transform current and future programs for its clients.

Fundamental to this objective are core capabilities in cell development, process optimization, analytical expertise and manufacturing, experience which has been demonstrated through recent strategic partnerships with AstraZeneca on the covid-19 vaccine project alongside the development and launch of the company’s own products, Bevacizumab and Rituximab.

mAbxience has also recently been appointed to lead a WHO project aimed at developing the next generation of mRNA therapeutics and is currently working on a number of additional CDMO projects including the development and manufacturing of a variety of complex molecules in the vaccine, cell therapy and enzyme replacement fields.

With its three state-of-the-art manufacturing sites, a new R&D facility, robust supply chain and a dedicated team of energetic and bright professionals, mAbxience is well placed to transform the world of CDMO services in the biopharmaceutical arena.