At mAbxience, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions within the CDMO space. Our CDMO Alliance Manager, Álvaro Camino Sánchez, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our projects not only meet but exceed expectations. Here, we introduce Álvaro and share his insights on his role and the unique advantages mAbxience offers to its clients.


Making things happen

“My role as CDMO Alliance Manager essentially involves making sure that projects adhere to timelines, budgets, and project scopes. Our goal is to ensure that our customers feel secured and comfortable working with mAbxience and that our team feels comfortable working with the customer. This harmonious relationship is crucial for making things happen in time, which is one of our core values at mAbxience,” Álvaro explains.


Established expertise for cutting-edge solutions

With a proven track record in delivering high-value, high-profile biologic projects, mAbxience has successfully supported both innovators and biosimilars. Álvaro believes that mAbxience’s extensive experience within the CDMO space offers significant benefits. “Our 14 years of expertise in the biologics space have made us a very reliable partner and we have several worldwide commercial products with significant market shares to prove it.”

“One of our key technical advantages is that we have two manufacturing facilities that are very much alike. They adhere to the same quality policy and are equipped similarly with single-use technology, which means we can offer extra flexibility. By having two manufacturing sites that are almost identical, we can ensure smooth transitions and fast tech transfers should there be a specific need by our partners. Combined with our additional experience, this makes us a unique partner in the CDMO space.”


Going beyond with custom services

As a global CDMO specializing in the development and manufacture of biologics, mAbxience works closely with clients on every project to offer a personalized service, responding with agility to meet their manufacturing needs.

“Our dual manufacturing capabilities and CDMO solutions allow us to offer adaptability in lead times and stock management, adapting to our customers’ needs. We understand that the market is constantly changing, and we strive to work closely with our customers to provide the special flexibility that mAbxience is proud of,” Alvaro elaborates.


Driving a meaning impact

“What brings me to the office every day, apart from working with the team, which I really enjoy, is being able to provide solutions to our customers’ problems. When this drives an impact on patients, it makes my daily work extremely valuable to me,” Álvaro concludes.

At mAbxience, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our operations. Álvaro embodies this commitment, ensuring that every project is executed to the highest standards, fostering strong relationships with our customers, and making a meaningful impact on patients’ lives.

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