Speak up policy and reporting channels

Thank you for speaking up!

The Companies that are part of mAbxience Group*, in their capacity as developers of Biopharmaceutical medicines, are committed to hearing complaints related to violations of the Law, the Code of Conduct or behavior contrary to good practices and procedures, and consequently to carry out transparent investigations into these acts to avoid serious consequences, both for the people involved and for our Company as a whole.

Therefore, we expect that employees of mAbxience Group Companies, as well as our business partners, suppliers, patients and third parties will speak up when they witness possible violations of the Law or our Compliance Policies and report these actions through our report channels dedicated to this purpose. Our whistleblowing system (which follows our majority shareholder Fresenius Kabi’s system), consists of:

  • The Speak-Up Policy designed and approved by Fresenius Kabi AG, which is applicable to all its subsidiaries around the world, can be found at the following link.
  • The reporting channels. To make a report it is possible to choose any of these alternatives:

    1. Send an email to the Local Compliance Coordinator, Teresa Tavares, at the following address:
    2. Send an email to the Fresenius Kabi Compliance Team at the following address:
    3. Enter the reporting platform that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which also receives anonymous complaints and attends the request in the local language. For this purpose, you can access the following
    4. Call OneConnect in Spain: 900 997 930; in Argentina: 0800-666-0459; or in Switzerland: 0800 111 697.

Any questions or reports will be treated confidentially, with close follow-up by the Fresenius Kabi “Ombusdpanel”, composed of a group of global compliance experts with experienced investigators who report to the Fresenius Kabi Chief Compliance Officer. Investigations are carried out in strict compliance with the Company’s internal procedures for this purpose.

The personal data of both the reporter and the reported person(s) will be treated in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR, applicable law and the privacy policies of Fresenius Kabi AG.

Discrimination against whistleblowers, who have guarantees and protection measures included in the Speak-Up Policy, is not tolerated. Likewise, whistleblowers in Spain will have an external complaints channel that will be implemented by the Independent Authority for the Protection of Informants as per Spanish Law.

*The mAbxience Group Companies are: mAbxience Holding S.L., mAbxience Research S.L., GH Genhelix SA, mAbxience S.A.U. and mAbxience S.A.