Transparency initiative transfer of value report

For mAbxience, its commitment to transparency is essential to strengthen the trust of patients, shareholders, employees, partners, suppliers, customers, authorities, and other relevant audiences in the daily operations of the Group.

As a member of the Spanish Association of Biosimilars (Biosim), Mabxience is fully committed to disclosing the transfers of value made to Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Organizations and Patient Organizations and thus ensure the transparency and integrity of these collaborations. Due to the nature of our business, we are interested in getting involved and promoting high-level academic and scientific discussions on different topics related to Biopharmaceuticals, for which we have reputable specialists who contribute their vision and knowledge to the global discussion.

Below you will find a list of the transfers of value:


Report 2023 – Transfer of value mAbxience

Methodological note 2023


Report 2022 – Transfer of value mAbxience

Methodological note 2022